21 day Primal Wellness Reset: During this 21 day period you will focus on eating real food, moving intentionally, getting adequate sleep, spending time outside and managing stress. You will avoid sugar, grains, unhealthy fats, beans/legumes, and processed foods. You will feel empowered in that you are in control of your health, that what you eat determines your body composition, and that you can increase your longevity and quality of life with these simple changes.

Your program will start with a 30 min initial consultation, via Zoom, to discuss your intake form and personal goals. You will receive daily e-mails providing you with a focus for the day to help you reach your health transformation goals, in addition to weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and problem solve any barriers to progress. $99

12 Week Primal Health Coach Program: 90 days is the length of time shown to be long enough to impart real change. This one-on-one program is tailored for those wanting a longer duration program to fully immerse themselves in the Primal Way of Life with one-on-one guidance and support.

You will start your Primal journey with a 60 minute initial consultation, via Zoom, to discuss your personal goals, medical history, and health intake form. Weekly check-ins will be performed via e-mail in addition to six bi-weekly one-on-one Zoom or phone check ins. This 12 week program allows for greater opportunities for success and for long term change to occur.

Clients will participate in cleaning out their pantries and learning to eat real, whole foods that the whole family will enjoy. Clients will learn the Primal Essential Movements to build strength, endurance, and stamina while avoiding the pitfalls of chronic cardio and overuse injuries. Clients will discover how easy it can be to incorporate more movement into their days, how to make time for meditation, and rediscover the joys of friendship and community. $499

Personalized One-on-One Coaching: Not sure you fit into one of the programs above? Here we will create a custom program to fit your needs and goals using many of the principles listed above. Specific goals may be weight loss, increased energy and stamina, improved sports performance, reducing systemic inflammation, stabilizing blood sugar, etc. $80 Initial 1 hour session; $50 for 30 min follow ups

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